7 Assignments for ASL Class Part 4: Stimulus

almost 2 years agoMarch 9, 2020
Can I see the assignment 1 - 6? Can you email me the link thank you Ben so much for sharing some awesome ideas :-)
almost 2 years agoMarch 9, 2020
This is the first video I've seen as well. If you can email me 1-6 as well, that would be great! readysetgrow4kids@gmail.com
Marybeth Imsho
almost 2 years agoMarch 13, 2020
love it... I have been using stimulus as "live conversation" for ASL 1 students and it is great to see how they decide on voc, grammatical structure and other feathers... love this !!  Thanks for your ideas as well, I will add them for sure.
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