GoReact Training Part 2- "How to..."

Brian Leffler
over 2 years agoSeptember 16, 2019
Great presentation..have a list of qtns here:
  1) for testing at GoReact, how can the students take their tests without manipulating, meaning stopping the video before recording their responses.. just want them to respond to my stimulus tests as if they are talking with me (in real time)
 2)For assignments and user list, I wonder if I can have either the assignments or user list alphabetically ordered. I know I can use the search field for a specific student but that is time consuming, too many moves to do merely for a student. Want to view students as to their assignments at a quick glance. 

 That is about it for my questions. Moving to feedback for the video training, I suggest that you disable the email or screen sharing alerts for when they popped up, I looked at my work email and learned that it was for you, not me.. (laughing) 

Again, thank you for making sure I understand how to use the facility to best of my ability. :) 

Melinda Cole
almost 2 years agoJune 10, 2020
I enjoyed your presentation because it was an effortlessly to watch and learn.    I loved your rubric example.  I am wondering if there is a library that ASL instructors pick and share?    It is hard and awkward to start from from scratch as a newbie online instructor until actually use it and can edit to our preference later.
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